16 Un-Retouched Photos of Celebrities

We all know it, and with the rise of social media like Instagram and Snapchat there was no holding back: images are fake. Whether is it the food of a restaurant or the body of your favorite actress. Chances are, some savvy designer somewhere tweaked it just a little bit to better express what the actress is all about. We don’t like to be fooled, we are sure we still love our favorite celebrities, even when they are not flawless anymore. Check out our list below, where we selected the most beautiful un-retouched photos of celebrities!

#15 – Jessica Simpson

photo: fashiongonerogue.com
photo: fashiongonerogue.com

Jessica isn’t the first person that comes to mind when talking about a natural look, as she is usually covered in a layer or two of makeup. But for the magazine Marie Claire thing went a little different, and the results are amazing.

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