Masiela Lusha

Tips: Masiela Lusha, 2018s chic hair style of the cool beautiful  actress
Masiela Lusha her beauty & look are characterized by her long hair (collarbone length) & chic hairstyle. Men love her for her birthmark, and formal make-up style. Masiela Lusha, the 32-year old Albanian actress from Tirana, Albania was born on 23-10-1985 . You might know her from The James Bond Story.

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Face shape/typeSquare
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Distinct featurebirthmark
Hair typeStraight
Hair colorRegular Brown
Eye colorBrown
Skin Tone/Complexion
Skin TypeNormal


Masiela Lusha - 2018 Regular Brown hair & chic hair style. Current length:  long hair (collarbone length)

Skincare & makeup

With makeup:
Photo of Masiela Lusha and her 2018 formal make up style, products & tips

Does Masiela Lusha smoke?


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Beauty products for hair & eyes etc

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Inspect Masiela Lusha's body - from her hair style, clothing style & make-up style to her hair and eye color. And from her feet size & legs, to measurement like weight and height. + Photos without make-up and of tattoos.