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Eros Ramazzotti

Eros Ramazzotti, 2017 clothing style & tips of the cool attractive  musician & Scorpio

Eros Ramazzotti's clothing style is alternative, judging by his suit, and taste for blue colors. The 43-year old musician famous for Cuori agitati & Musica è, is born in Rome, Italy, on 28-10-1973 .

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This cool attractive musician wears: .

Body TypeThin
Typical outfitsuit
Height185 cm
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Shoe sizeN/A
Does Eros Ramazzotti have tattoos?
Yes, what kind of tattoo?

Eros Ramazzotti

Color: Black - Where: Right lower arm tattoo
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- Jacket .

Eros Ramazzotti wears  (Jacket )

BlackamazingLeather •$
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